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RCAA recognises members who make a significant or eminent contribution to the rehabilitation counselling profession, or Australasia’s rehabilitation counselling reputation, through its Fellowship programme. The Fellowship programme recognises the profession’s leaders and forms part of a clear pathway for member recognition.

The objectives of the Fellowship programme include to:

Maintain a consistent and high standard for Fellowship.

Recognise and reward diversity in the practise of rehabilitation counselling and the wide range of contributions different rehabilitation counsellors make to the profession, including across local and central government, academia, and across borders.

Maintain the professional integrity of Rehabilitation Counselling through setting and safeguarding the highest standards of education and professional practice.

Recognise contributions made to the rehabilitation counselling profession by people who are ineligible to be members of RCAA.

be accessible, objective, transparent, fair, and consistent; and

be flexible enough to respond to disruptive methodologies and global mobility.

Fellowship Structure

Fellowship programme allows RCAA to recognise contributions to the rehabilitation counselling profession by its members and others.

Members of RCAA may have their contribution to the profession recognised through being elected to the class of Fellow. This is RCAA’s highest membership class. It carries substantial prestige and is reserved for the profession’s highest achievers. It forms part of a member pathway that offers clear, visible and simple membership progression and career path planning.

Honorary Fellowships recognise contributions to the rehabilitation counselling profession by non- rehabilitation counsellors or rehabilitation counsellors not practising in Australasia whose contribution has been through an affiliation with an equivalent overseas body1.

These Guidelines apply to applications for the class of Fellow (FRCAA) and nominations to the class of Honorary Fellow (HonFRCAA)2.


For further information email the RCAA Administrator.

1 Rehabilitation Counsellors in Australasia who have made a significant contribution to the rehabilitation counselling profession and are not RCAA members, but who are eligible for membership, may be approached by the RCAA President and invited to apply for membership first, and then for Fellowship under the member-first pathway.

2 These Guidelines are the procedures specified by the Board for making applications /nominations for Fellows and Honorary Fellows, and for the assessment of such applications prior to their consideration by the RCAA Board, as provided for in rules of the Association.

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