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RCAA® Accreditation Policy

Professional accreditation of university-level rehabilitation counselling programs ensures the continuing high standards of tertiary education of Rehabilitation Counsellors.

RCAA's Accreditation Program is becoming the Program of choice for universities with substantive rehabilitation counselling courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

RCAA's Accreditation Program seeks to support the protection of the public by ensuring that practitioners are suitably trained and competent. It aims to ensure that training programs provide rehabilitation counselling students with the environment, content and practice necessary for them to gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours central to the profession.

RCAA invites all Australasian universities offering education programs in rehabilitation counselling to officially apply for full accreditation for a period of five years. In regularly reviewing accreditation of tertiary courses, RCAA seeks to ensure that accreditation requirements remain relevant over time.

The requirements for full RCAA accreditation of professional programs in rehabilitation counselling are drawn from the RCAA Code of Professional Ethics, current empirical research that defines competency standards for Rehabilitation Counsellors, and consultation with representatives of the rehabilitation counselling profession. Consultation with RCAA membership, tertiary institutions and key stakeholders such as Heads of Workers’ Compensation Authority (HWCA) and the Departments of Education and Training and Employment, form part of the accreditation process.

The RCAA core competencies are contained in our Accreditation Manual. If you would like a copy then please contact us.

RCAA has accredited rehabilitation counselling programs offered by tertiary institutions at the university undergraduate and postgraduate level throughout Australia. The following programs have current accreditation:

Griffith University – accredited in 2014. Distance education offered.

Master of Rehabilitation Counselling. Click here for flyer.

Accreditation was provided for the following Griffith University programs, which are no longer offered:

Bachelor of Human Services (Rehabilitation Counselling).

Master of Human Services (Rehabilitation Counselling) up to 2013.

Flinders University (accredited in 2015)

Bachelor of Disability and Developmental Education (Rehabilitation Counselling).

The University of Sydney – accredited in 2016. Distance education offered.

Graduate Diploma of Rehabilitation Counselling (GradDipRehabClng)

Master of Rehabilitation Counselling (MRehabClng)

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