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Student Membership Renewal and Declarations

Hello. Your RCAA Student Membership renewal is a one-step process. To renew your membership, simply read the declaration statement below, complete the following Form, and submit. If you have any concerns with the Declaration below then contact us before you submit the Form.

Your renewal will be reviewed and then confirmed by email.

A new RCAA membership certificate will be emailed to you.

Student Members are not required to pay an annual renewal student membership fee - student membership is free. There are no CPD requirements associated with renewing your membership.

Important points to note about the Form:

  • The Form comes pre-populated with current information in your RCAA Profile - but only if you renew before your membership expires.
  • It is important that your Date of Birth follows an 8-digit format (ddmmyyyy). For example, if your Date of Birth is 1 March 1995 then the 8-digit code is 01031995.
  • You can upload a maximum of 3 files. The minimum upload requirement is a PDF of your latest official academic transcript. File formats allowed: pdf, jpg, gif. Hint: If you want send us an accompanying message you could upload it here as a PDF file.
  • File 3 has been labelled as 'MyPhoto'. You can personalise your members' area but to get there you need to Sign In. My Photo can be an image of anything. It's optional (up to 100 x 100 pixels). File 3 uploader also accepts all 3 file formats.


By renewing your membership you accept the following declarations:

Privacy consent:
I acknowledge that RCAA will manage my personal information in line with the Australian Privacy Principles. I consent to RCAA using my information to: