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Rehabilitation Counsellors work across all industries and are specialists in vocational, workplace and occupational rehabilitation. Utilising specialist skills in vocational assessment, career counselling; adjustment to injury counselling; job development and placement; case management and service coordination; to assist workers with illness, disability and injury to stay at work.

Rehabilitation Counsellors focus on achieving positive outcomes for clients and employers. The advantages of utilising the skills and expertise of rehabilitation counsellors include:

Containing the direct costs of work-related injury to both the employer and employee.

Retention of the workers’ skills and knowledge.

Improving staff confidence and morale and reducing indirect costs such as lost productivity.

Recruitment and training for replacement staff.

Return to Work

Rehabilitation Counsellors assist people with illness, disability and injury to return to their previous employment or to obtain a new job. This includes negotiating suitable duties, locating a host placement or work experience, accessing education, training and funding opportunities, through to coordinating additional support services with external agencies.

Early intervention by a Rehabilitation Counsellor can help avert long-term disability and improves the prospect of the individual returning to a normal life, reducing the emotional and financial impact on the individual and their families.

Suitable Duties

A Rehabilitation Counsellor can negotiate a suitable duties (light duties) plan with the worker, treating medical practitioner and the employer. A Rehabilitation Counsellor can prepare the plan to accommodate medical restrictions for graduated or reduced hours of work, and any workplace accommodations or modification.

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